National Union of Students (NUS) represents all students in higher and further education across the UK on issues of national importance. Over 600 students’ unions across the UK, including ours are affiliated members. NUS runs an annual National Conference which is taking place from Tuesday 21st April to Thursday 23rd April 2015 in Liverpool. Salford Students’ Union is sending an elected group of five students, plus the President, to represent the 18,000 students here.
The conference discusses 5 topics related to students’ experiences at colleges and universities: Further Education policy, Higher Education policy, Society and Citizenship policy, Welfare policy, and Union Development policy. It is the chance for students’ unions to shape national policy and hold to account the national officers heading up each of these policy zones and the national president. Elections for these positions also happen at the conference and the delegates from Salford will be full voting members.
If you are elected as a delegate, the Students' Union will cover the cost of all your travel, accommodation and food costs incurred while being a delegate, so there's no need to worry about the financial implications of being elected.
NUS have led on many high-profile campaigns, including those on fees and funding, changes to disabled students allowance, welfare and students’ rights, liberations issues affecting groups like LGBT, International students, Black students and many more.  In a general election year, the 2015 National Conference is likely to be a hub of debate and discussion about how student issues will be dealt with by a new government.
Benefits of standing
-          You’ll be voting on topics of national importance and having your say on the high-profile political work NUS undertakes
-          You’ll be representing the Salford student body – that’s over 18000 students!
-          You’ll experience an intriguing and exciting conference, meeting students from all over the UK
-          As a low-commitment role, you can hold this position while studying and aside from the 3 days of the conference and an initial meeting with your fellow delegates, you won’t need to spare any more time during the year
-          This is a good way of experiencing Union elections, particularly if you are interested in running for one of our Sabbatical positions next semester!
How to stand
There will be a short nomination form available on this website from 27 October.  The form will take minutes to complete, and then you’ll be contacted with further information about the elections process.  Training will be provided to enable you to make the most of your campaign.
Key dates
Standing opens:                Monday 27 October at 9am
Standing closes:                Monday 3 November at midday
Voting opens:                    Monday 17 November at 9am
Voting closes:                    Thursday 20 November at midday
If you have any questions, please contact elections-ussu@salford.ac.uk